Thank You Message for Funeral Program

Thank You Message for Funeral Program

The funeral program includes the activities of the funeral process from the moment of taking the departed for the funeral rites to the post funeral gathering and the processes. The funeral program should be in order and well managed so that everything is conducted perfectly without any confusion.

Find fascinating samples of thank you messages for the funeral program and schedule given below:

1). I thank my friend for the effective funeral program you delivered so well. I hope my father’s soul would be at peace with all his beloved people beside him as he was laid to rest.

2). Thanking my friend for the well organized funeral program. I would not have managed such a huge list of attendees without your help in the schedule.

3). Thanks to my cousin for arranging the funeral program and inviting all attendees for the memorial service. I am much grateful to have a supportive person like you in my life.

4). I extend my thankfulness to my sister for the funeral program. With your help, I managed to conduct a good memorial service for my mother’s departed soul.

5). Thank you brother for your help in listing a good funeral program. I pray to the Lord to bless the departed soul with peace and extend my gratefulness for your assistance.

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