Teachers Day Messages to Friends – Teachers Day Wishes Cards

Teachers Day Messages to Friends

Teacher’s day is not only a day for the guides but can also be shared by friends alike. On this day, buddies too share wishes for the celebration day to express their recognition for the education they provide. The wishes can be sent through text messages for the companions. One can also send gifts along with and make the occasion more special.

Given below are samples of teacher’s day messages to send to the friends:

1). I am so lucky to find my friend and my mentor in one person…. There is no one who knows me, understands me like you do…. Happy Teacher’s Day to you my dear.

2). We met as strangers and then we became friends and now you are my mentor and my inspiration… Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day my dearest friend.

3). Finding your friend and your guide in one person is truly a blessing…. I am fortunate to have you in my life and I cannot imagine my life without you…. Sending wishes to you on Teacher’s Day.

4). Dear friend, thanks for being there for me as my guide and as my support during the challenging times…. I wish you a very Happy Teacher’s Day my dear.

5). Though you are my friend but you are also my guide who has always taught me, guided me and supported me…. My Teacher’s Day is incomplete without wishing you Happy Teacher’s Day.

6). Dear friend, wishing you a happy teacher’s day through this text. I hope you continue to provide your endearing knowledge with the wide span of information you have.

7). Sending happy teacher’s day wishes to lovely friend. Your mentoring has brought successes to many students and thank you for that.

8). Friend, I wish you a happy teacher’s day. Let this day be the best of celebration for you making it a memorable experience.

9). Wishing my sweet friend a happy teacher’s day. It is by your effort and guidance in maths that I have excelled and I thank you for studying together and sharing knowledge.

10). I wish my dear friend a happy teacher’s day through this text. Your way of providing education has been an inspiration for people like me who wish to take up this profession.

11). Thanks for teaching me how to live, how to smile when nothing is fine, how to accept life as it comes…. Happy Teacher’s Day to you my friend.

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