Sorry Break up Messages to Husband

Sorry Break up Messages

Sorry break up messages are sent by the wife to the husband to let him know that she is sorry that their relationship has ended. While breaking up the relationship, the wife can convey the news as well as express her sorry and ask for forgiveness through the message sent to the husband. The wishes are sent through text messages for the husband along with gifts to lessen the grief of the husband.

Such messages expresses the sorry feelings a wife has for the relationship that has ended. Below are some sample text messages that you can send to your husband.

1). I am so sorry for breaking our relationship. It does hurt to say this but you very well know what went wrong. It’s going to be difficult for both of us but time will heal everything.

2). I just want to let you know that our married relationship has come to an end. I feel sorry for whatever has happened and I am really upset with the way this has ended.

3). It’s hard to say that its time to end our married relationship. I am sorry for hurting you but there is no point in carrying our relationship like this. We should try to forget each other and move on in life.

4). Dear husband, there’s no love left in our relationship. It’s better to end our relationship before hatred feelings arise between us. I know I am hurting you with this message but I hope you will understand.

5). We were meant to be together but the fights and misunderstandings have made it difficult to stay together. I feel so sorry to let you know that I have decided to end our relationship here.

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