Sister Wedding Invitation Messages for Friends

Sister Wedding Invitation Messages for Friends

A sister’s wedding is n event every sibling look forward to. The sister wedding means fun party and much celebration all around. The sister wedding invitations can be sent through cards or one can also create an invitation video for the concerned guests.

Find best samples of sister wedding invitation messages for friends to send with love listed below:

1). For sweet friend, I send you the sister invitation message for the wedding ceremony and dinner party of my sister next Tuesday. I expect you to join me in the celebration and have lots of fun.

2). To cute friend, sending this sister wedding invitation for the wedding of sister next week. I look forward to you having fun with me in the wedding and making merry.

3). To a close friend, through this text is en the sister wedding invitation. I eagerly look forward to seeing you after years on the celebration and having fun with me and friends.

4). Dearest friend, I send this wedding invitation of my sister’s wedding at my place. Do arrive for the grand celebration of love and togetherness of the cute couple.

5). To a lovely friend, sending the sister wedding invitation especially to you. I hope to see you in the event and we will sure have fun with many other best friends invited there.

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