Sample Congratulations Messages

sample congratulations text messages

Congratulation messages are to congratulate one for his/her success. When our friends achieve something, we congratulate them as to respect their hard work and dedication and wish them to achieve more success in the life. A beautiful congratulation message is a reward of the good things that one had done and it motivates the person to always keep the aim high. A congratulation message also presents you as the well wisher of him/her and you really care about. Sending a right congratulation message is necessary that definitely suits the right mood and here we present a good collection of sample messages to congratulate any special person in your life.

Congratulations Messages for New Job

When your friend gets a job, then congratulation message is a must to do thing. The message brings the celebration mood and it is a reward for your friend that he/she has successfully gone through the interview. Write your message to give congratulation for the new job.

“The secret of success lies in saying no to all the distraction that loses your focus. Your dedication and hard work now bring colors in your life, so congratulation for your new job, I wish you to earn every success in your life.”

Congratulations Messages for Award

Congratulation message to your friends and family on winning award brings smiles on his/her face. When you congratulate someone that means you give respect to his/her hard work. The message inspires that person to go ahead and achieve lots of respect through the good deeds.

“It is another big day for you and the award is another milestone of your success story. I wish you to make many success stories in your life that inspire others. Congratulation.”

Congratulations Messages for Promotion

Congratulate your friends, family, colleagues and other close ones on their promotion. In the work, promotion is the result of giving the best performance in the given task and it is also for motivating a person to give more inputs in the work. Send beautiful congratulation for the work.

“Your confidence, your knowledge and your never-give-up personality shines now. You deserve the position and your all effort is now paid off. Congratulation for your promotion. ”

Congratulations Messages on Success

Congratulate to your close ones on their success and wish them to keep it up for always. The success only comes with the focus on your aim and a congratulation message respect the efforts behind the success. Write congratulation text message to your friends and closed ones.

“Success comes in your way only because you are always prepared to take any challenges. You convert the difficulty into an easy process, pressure into fun with your strength and confidence. Go ahead in your life, success will always be yours.”

Congratulations Messages for Wedding

The Wedding brings lots of happiness and the best wishes from the friends to have a happy married life. Congratulate a newlywed couple for being with each other. Your best wishes and love express everything through the text messages.

“My heartiest congratulation is to both of you for entering into a relation of fulfillment and love. The journey becoming one to two was a loving one and I wish the future of togetherness will be blissful and romantic.”

Congratulations Messages for Achievement

Send a congratulation message to your loved one or friend for their achievement. The message makes your friend happy, because of your sweet note of the congratulation. Celebrate the joy of a friend’s success with a congratulation message for his achievements.

“No matter you stand alone or in a crowd, your achievements always shine. I congratulate you for adding a new feather of success in your crown. You never stop believing yourself, so as your success.”

Congratulations Messages for First Time Dad

Congratulate your close ones to be the first time father and give him your best wishes for the future responsibility. A congratulation message is to share your happiness with that person and wish him to enjoy the new feelings. Express your feelings through the words to your friends.

“Feel blessed because before that you are a loving son and a caring husband; now the time has come to be a darling dad. Feel the pleasure of the fatherhood and I congratulate you for this new post of responsibility.”

Congratulations Messages for New Home

When your friends and family buy a new home, congratulate them to fulfill their dream. Through the words of the congratulation message, you want to share happiness with them and to be with them at this special moment. The loving and sweet message makes them happy.

“A sweet and a romantic family deserve this beautiful home. I wish happiness will prevail in each of its corner forever and love makes the bonding stronger in future. Enjoy your living with your family together and forever.”

Congratulations Messages for Friends

Send congratulation message to your friends or family for their achievement. Share your thoughts through the words and congratulate him/her for his efforts and hard work. Write congratulation message to give your wishes to carry on it in the future.

“I congratulate you on your achievements. I know the way of success is not easy, but you never give up. Your cravings for the success earn you the desired result. May all success come in your life.”

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