Sample Break Up Messages

Smaple Break Up Messages

Break up is ending a relationship, be it a long or short one. The break up message is used to let the person know about ending a relationship. Rather than going for long explanations, nowadays many couples choose the break up messages to convey the message across to the other person. It can also be sent in the form of a written form in a card sent to the person.

Let us see some of the sample of break up messages, break up wishes, break up day messages sent to different people:

Break Up Messages for Girlfriend

Breaking up with a girlfriend is difficult, more so if the sweet relationship was a long term and a strong relationship. As such, many boys prefer sending them a message to convey the break up rather than going for periods of sadness and cry of the girlfriend and long explanations.

“I am breaking up with you due to the infidelity you have done with me. I would like no further communication between us.”

Break Up Messages for Boyfriend

A break up for a long term serious sweet relationship breaks down the person mind and emotions. However, in a short term non serious relationship, the person doesn’t get much affected.

“It is better to break up between the two of us rather than lengthening this no use relationship. I am here by announcing my break up with you.”

Break up Messages to him

Break up with a person affects people in different ways. For some people, they can move on easily without being much affected and in some other couples they find it hard to accept the break up and remain in agony and sadness for a long time.

“I am breaking up with you for the sole reason that love is not what remains between us now. It was just for the sake of being together that we were there, hence, the breakup.”

Break Up Messages for Friends

Break up among friends happen due to different issues like misunderstandings, fights or any arguments. These break up needs to be solved among friends it for the friendship to go on. In some cases, the break up lasts long and in some other cases, it is just for a matter of few months and is united again.

“It is better to break up as friends because of the trust I have lost in you that you backstabbed me in such a worse manner.”

Break Up Messages to a Loved One

Break up between loved ones leads to souring of the relationship and feelings of hatred and enmity tend to grow between them.

“I am breaking up with you for the sole reason that you have conspired against me to trap me in the ugly scam.”

Break Up Messages to Husband

A husband wife relationship break up is perhaps the most disturbing and hurting break ups. After days and years of staying together, a break up is much painful and sore.

“I am breaking up with you because of the infidelity you have done and hurt me for the worst.”

Break Up Messages to Her

Break up between a boy and a girl sometimes leads to painful situations when the boy and the girl come face to face each other in an occasion. However, if the couple remain friends after break up the situation becomes good.

“I am announcing my break up with you as we fail to be in love with each other and its best we hereby move on for the good life has in store for us.”

Break Up Messages to Wife

Breaking up a marriage is difficult and heart touching, if it’s a one sided break up and the other person has to forcefully accept it. However, a mutual break up of a marriage is less painful and both the partners can move on easily.

“I am announcing my break up with you as we aren’t in love anymore to continue this marriage. I hope you accept the break up like I do.”

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