Romantic Sorry Text Messages To Wife

wife Romantic sorry messages

Romantic sorry wishes are sent to ask for apologies for any misunderstanding or any wrong deed done by the husband. The wishes can be sent through text messages for the wife and also expresses the love for the wife along with the apology seeking.

Samples of good romantic sorry messages for the gorgeous wife to send are listed below:

1). For my wife, I ask for sorry forgiveness through this text for my misdoing. I am extremely sad and hope your best love is the only thing which will heal me and make me feel better with time.

2). Dear wife, I seek sorry forgiveness from you and hope you grant me the same. Your love has stopped me from any wrongdoing and I am ever so grateful to have you and your love in my life.

3). To lovely wife, I am sorry for the hurt I caused you and hope you grant me forgiveness. To have a beautiful and loveable lady like you, I am much blessed in my life and hope you stay forever.

4). To sweet wife, I send good wishes and am sorry for everything. I never mean to cause any harm and your love has stopped me from doing so for which I treasure you like anything.

5). I am sorry my cute wife for hurting you. I ask for forgiveness and hope you continue to shower your love and care forever on your valentine to prevent me from any wrongdoing.

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