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republic day text messages

Republic Day is a symbol of our democracy and we are celebrating this day as our liberation. As a responsible citizen, we should include family, friends and surroundings in the celebration of this important day of our country to make everyone feel proud. The best way to share happy Republic Day wishes to your closed ones is to send Republic Day messages where you can pen your feelings of being a republic. In India, 26th January is considered Republic Day of the county for introducing the constitution of India on that day in 1950. Likewise, every county specified a day for their Republic Day.

Here, some of the samples of Republic Day text messages 2017 are given below that you can write in your own way to send your thoughts.

1). Let us pledge as the citizens of India that we will work for the brighter future of our country, we will work together to fight against illiteracy and terrorism to make our nation a happy, progressive and harmonious country…. Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day.

2). Let us celebrate the occasion of 26th January by remembering the sacrifices of the national heroes and soldiers who gave their lives for our safety, for our nation and let us promise to make their souls feel proud of us by making India a better nation…. Happy Republic Day.

3). India is a land of diversity and Republic Day is the celebration of harmony, synergy and synthesis of different cultures and customs…. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Republic Day… May our nation is blessed with peace and harmony.

4). Today is the day to salute our country…. The day to honor our fighters… The day to make promise to ourselves to work for the success and growth of our nation, to make India a happier nation…. With such thoughts, I wish you a very Happy Republic Day my friend.

5). Let us promise our Motherland that we will put in our heart and soul to preserve our culture, heritage and morals and enrich them for our generations to come… May our country and its rich heritage live forever…. Warm wishes to you on the occasion of Republic Day!!!

6). We are a country of diversity strongly connected with our nationality. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Republic Day 2017. Let us make us country proud with our good deeds.

7). Being the youth of our country, let us pledge to keep it protected, let us promise to work for its growth and development. Happy Republic Day 2016. Jai Hind.

8). Think of our past and promise you can build a better future for all. This day brought smiles to everyone’s face a long year ago and our task is to broaden that happiness in the coming years. Wish you a Happy Republic Day.

9). Scarifies of the past made possible to live a beautiful life for us. Salute those noble sacrifices on this eve of the Republic Day and make chance for you to enjoy the peace of sacrifice.

10). Go with your honesty and always fight against the corruption. Do not bother with what others are doing, if you are dedicated to your work and nothing can stop you to make a perfect nation.

11). Republic Day is a celebration of unity and it urges everyone to spread the harmony all over the county. No caste, no creed, rather it is the joy of humanity.

12). Make your county such a place where the mind can stay without fear. Feel the freedom and break all superstitions and customs that push you back on this Republic Day.

13). Win hate with love and spread peace all over the nation. Empower your people and lead them towards a happy life. Happy Republic Day.

14). On this day, promise your motherland that you preserve its all happy moments and protect it from any odds. Wish your nation a Happy Republic Day.

15). Martyrs had surrendered their life to bring democracy in our nation. Now, it is our turn to keep their gift shining forever.

16). Thank your mother land for giving you the freedom of speech and expression. Make it your weapon to fight against all wrongs in this nation.

17). We can make a perfect country and can overcome any obstacles in our way. Raise your voice against any kind of injustice and let everyone know you are free.

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