Happy Republic Day Messages Wishes for Friends 2024

Indian Republic Day Messages for Friends

26th January is celebrated as Republic Day in India. It was in this day that the Constitution of India came into force. As India celebrates its 75th Republic Day, it is definitely an auspicious occasion to send Indian Republic Day Wishes 2024 in form of text messages, Happy Republic Day Wishes in Hindi and English to your dearest friends. With such good thoughts on Republic Day, you can infuse your friends with patriotism by reminding them of Republic Day history. We have the latest collection of Indian Republic Day Wishes and 26 January Happy Republic Day messages for your friends to share on whatsapp, facebook and other social media sites!!!

Happy Indian Republic Day Wishes for Friends

1. Let us take up the goals set up by our prime minister and follow them.

2. Let us make India a greener country by planting trees. Happy republic day.

3. Let us try and eradicate illiteracy by helping the poor students. Happy republic day.

4. Let us stop corruption by not giving bribe to anyone. Happy republic day 2023.

5. Dear friend, let us take a pledge to work for the prosperity and success, happiness and harmony, peace and togetherness of our country and countrymen and only then we will be able to make our nation proud…. Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day my dear friend.

6. We are the young brigade of our country and the onus of the present and future of our nation lies on our shoulders… Let us make a promise to fight for the peace and glory of our country till our last breath…. Happy Republic Day to you…. Jai Hind!!!

7. Bharat vatan deta hai misaal pyaar aur mohabbat ki…. Ye sikhata hai rehna aman aur chain se…. khushnaseem hain hum jo janmein hain is paawan bhumi pe… jise seencha hai karmayogiyon ke khoon pasene ne…. Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day my dear!!!!

8. Let us remember the sacrifices of brave souls… let us salute them for protecting our nation and our lives… Warm wishes to you on the occasion of Republic Day my friend… Let us pledge to be responsible citizens of our country, let us pledge to make India proud.

9. We are the nation of diverse culture and customs…. We are the nation where Bhagat Singh and Sardal Patel were born…. We are the nation which is so unique and so warm…. Let us work to preserve what we have…. Happy Republic Day to you and your loved ones.

10. Waking each day as a peaceful nation comes only to the fortunate ones… Let us thank God and our soldiers for making us the fortunate country which sleeps in peace and wakes up in harmony… Wishing you Happy Indian Republic Day my friend…. Jai Hind!!!

11. Let us always be strongly bonded with love for our nation like the three colors in our flags… with this thought, I wish you a very Happy Republic Day my friend…. May we make our country proud with our unity and our efforts to make our country a happier and successful nation.

12. We are surely not the richest country in the world in terms of money but we are definitely the most potential nation to make the impossible a reality… Our love for our country, our feeling of oneness despite all the diversities makes us one strong country…. Happy Republic Day to you.

13. No nation can fail if its citizens promise to work together, work harder and with harmony to make it a better country…. I wish that we all come together and put in the best of our efforts to beautify our country in every possible way…. Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day!!!

14. Being born in an independent country is a blessing from God which we never value… Today is the reminder of this blessing and we must express our gratitude to all those heroes who have brought us this freedom and made us republic…. Warm wishes on Republic Day to you.

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