Promise Day Status | Promise Day Whatsapp and Facebook Messages

Promise Day Whatsapp Status, Facebook Messages

Promise Day will be celebrated on 11th of February. This is a day when you might want to make new promises to the ones you love. Promise Day is a perfect occasion to redefine your bond of love and only a true relationship stands on promises that are kept well. Put on best of Happy Promise Day status messages to express your feelings to your dear ones. Grab this opportunity to make it a memorable Valentine’s Day by declaring something special with Promise Day messages.

We bring to you Happy Promise Day status messages to share. With heart-broken promise status in Hindi and English, set interesting Promise Day WhatsApp status and Facebook messages. We have Promise Day status for best friend, boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husband, lover, mom and dad.

Happy Promise Day Status 2024

“Three most important things that one must never break- Trust, hearts and promises!!!”

“I promise that I will always be there with you with my conditional love and support.”

I want to be with you, in smiles and sorrows, in darkness and sunshine!!

“Love is the only promise that has the power to last forever and ever.”

Promise Day Status for WhatsApp

“If you really love someone, you are infused with the strength to make and fulfil promises.”

“Never break a promise because it is a reflection of how important that person is to you.”

“I promise to never let us fall apart… I promise to give our relationship my heart and soul.”

“Promise me that you will always love me the way you love me today.”

Promise Day Status for Facebook

“Make a promise that our love is going to live forever, even after us!!!”

“Never make promises that you don’t intend to keep because breaking a promise hurts the most.”

“Someone who breaks his promises is someone you can never trust with your heart.”

“Each and every promise that is kept well makes a relationship stronger and more beautiful.”

Funny Promise Day Status

“I promise to always be there to annoy you, irritate you and frustrate you for the rest of your life.”

“I never break my promises and I promise to always double your troubles with my presence.”

“The ones I love are the ones whom I always pester with my promises.”

“You are never too old to make promises but if you break them, you are definitely old.”

Heart Broken Promise Status in Hindi

“Aap jab kisi se kiya hua vaada todte ho toh aap wo vaada nahi, uska dil todte ho.”

“Agar kisi se aap sacha pyaar karte ho toh aap har had tak ja kar us se kiya vaada pura karte ho.”

“Jab koi vaada tut ta hai toh saath mein ek dil bhi tut ta hai.”

“Vaada tabhi karo jab tum use nibha sakte ho…. Todne ke kiya vaada karna acha nahi!!”

Happy Promise Day Whatsapp Status Messages

“Make many promises but never break any heart by not keeping it. Warm wishes on Promise Day to everyone.”

“They say that promises are meant to be broken but the fact is promises are meant to be fulfilled. Happy Promise Day to all.”

“Do all that you can to fulfil a promise that you have made and win every heart around. Wishing a very Happy Promise Day to you.”

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