Happy Asalha Puja Day Wishes Images, Messages, Status

Happy Asalha Puja Day Wishes Images 2022 Messages

Asalha Puja Day, also known as the Dhamma Day, takes place on the full moon day of the Eighth Lunar Month which is July. It is an important day for the Buddhists. This year it is on the 1th of August 2023. This day is celebrated with Asalha Sattva Puja and Dhamma Puja to remark the first teachings of Buddha. In this post we bring to you Asalha Puja Day Messages, Asalha Puja Day 2023 Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, WhatsApp and Facebook Status.

Happy Asalha Puja Day Wishes 2023 Status Messages and Quotes

Asalha Puja commemorates the first teachings of Buddha and also marks the beginning of the monsoon season. Happy Asalha Puja Day.

On the Asalha Puja Day, let us all pray to Lord Buddha in hopes to protect us from the evil and assist us in achieving names, in favourable circumstances.

Let us celebrate the new beginnings by remembering what Lord Buddha has taught us. Let us ground ourselves to our roots and values. Happy Asalha Puja Day to everyone.

Asalha Puja is the day in the history when Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and was ready to give his first teachings. He gave the four noble truths and the eightfold paths which became the pillars of Buddhism.

My Lord Buddha taught me to never stop learning because life never stops teaching and now, I am on my journey of learning while trying to find and meet him at the end of it.

I am the calm in the storm. But dear Lord, I find myself safest and calmest under your patronage. Please protect the world from the evil and help the ones who have no hope left but they only see you.

Asalha Puja day is when the Buddhists celebrate with the readings from the scriptures. This helps the followers to appreciate the teachings of Buddha in their lives and in the lives of other Buddhists.

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