National Friendship Week 2023 Messages – Wishes and Greetings

National Friendship Week 2018 Messages, Friendship Week Wishes and Greeting

Friendship is truly the most beautiful association. If you have a real friend, you are really blessed because you have someone who understands you like no one else and who would stand by you at the worst of the times. National Friendship Week is celebrated on the third week of August and is truly a special week. If you have lost touch with an old friend, reconnect with him in this beautiful International Friendship Week message  or simply send a cute message or quote to a new friend on National Friendship Week 2023.

We have an amazing collection of National Friendship Week messages and wishes that celebrate this special bond. Share Friendship Day messages in English with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

National Friendship Week Messages, Wishes and Greeting

1. When I was lost, rejected and alone…. I suddenly found you…. You came into my life like a blessing and filled it with your magic and love….. On National Friendship Week, I thank you for everything and wish you the best of everything.

2. There have been many important discoveries around the globe but there is just one important discovery for me that will always be very special and that is you my friend…. Sending my best wishes to you on National Friendship Week.

3. National Friendship Week reminds us that it is high time we catch up, party hard, relive old times and just enjoy being together with each other….. So let us make it a memorable week by spending the week together.

4. I true friend is not someone who will pick you up when you fall but a true friend will first laugh out loud and then pick you up…. And I so glad that I have a true friend like you my dear…. Warm wishes on National Friendship Week to you.

National Friendship Week Wishes for friends

5. Friendship is a blessing…. You don’t only get blessed with the super amazing, supportive and caring friends but you also find the best of the enemies in them….. Cheers to our awesome association….. Cheers to our friendship on National Friendship Week.

6. National Friendship Week is the best week when everyone must spend the week meeting and partying with his friends by taking out time from the hectic life and living the life in the best way possible…. Happy National Friendship Week to you my friend.

7. In this National Friendship Week, I am looking forward for drinking beer with you, going out for parties with you, watching movies with you and simply being with you because it is our week…. Happy National Friendship Week.

8. Though we don’t need a week to celebrate our friendship but there is nothing bad in having a National Friendship Week dedicated to our bond of love, care, affection and sharing….. So let us make it a memorable one!!!

National Friendship Week Greeting Messages

9. A good friend is like a computer who enters in your life and saves you in his heart and always stays with you…..  he has the power to format your problems and empty your recyle bin from all the negativities….. Happy National Friendship Week to my sweet computer.

10. True friends are the ones who don’t know the reason why they are friends, why they like each other because they are friends and they don’t need any reasons to be friends…. Let’s celebrate this beautiful relationship on National Friendship Week.

11. Happiness doubles and troubles reduce when you have a true friend…. And I find myself extremely lucky to have such a caring and loving friend….. Wishing you a very Happy National Friendship Week.

12. When you are around, I am happy and smiling…. When you are there, no problem is a challenge…. You are the brightness and happiness in my life….. Sending you best wishes on National Friendship Week.

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