Invitation Messages for Anniversary Surprise Party

Invitation Messages for Anniversary Surprise Party

A wedding anniversary surprise party can be given either by the husband or the wife as a surprise for the other. The surprise wedding anniversary invitation can mention that it is a surprise party and the person for whom the surprise is planned should not be informed. The anniversary surprise party invitations can be sent through text messages or invitation cards for the guests.

Find excellent samples of invitation messages for anniversary surprise party listed below:

1). Dear friend, I send you this invitation message to invite you all for the surprise anniversary party for my wife. I would like you to not disclose it to anyone and keep the surprise.

2). For my friend, I send the invitation message for the anniversary surprise party of my parents. Do keep the surprise for the lovely party I have arranged for them.

3). To my dear aunt, I send this anniversary surprise party invitation to you tomorrow evening at my home. I have organized it for my husband and want you to keep the secret.

4). For my sweet cousin, this text carries anniversary surprise party invitation tomorrow at my place. This party is especially for my parents and I want you to keep it as secret.

5). To my lovely sister, sending romantic anniversary surprise party invitation of my parents tomorrow. Do keep the news as a secret and arrive to make them feel good.

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