Anti Corruption Day Messages – Anti-Corruption Slogans, Quotes

9th December Anti Corruption Day Messages, Quotes images

Every year 9th December is celebrated as International Anti-Corruption Day. With increasing corruption, celebrating anti-corruption day is an initiative to end this problem of society. Wish your family and friends with International Anti Corruption Day 2018 Themed messages and wishes, poster messages and Anti-Corruption Day images.

Use these Anti-Corruption campaign messages and Anti Corruption slogans to wish your loved ones on Facebook, WhatsApp.

International Anti Corruption Day Quotes

1. The worst disease in today’s world is corruption and the best remedy to cure this disease is transparency….. Happy International Anti Corruption Day.

2. Power never corrupts people but it is the fear of losing power that makes them corrupt…. Let us put an end to it on International Anti Corruption Day.

International Anti Corruption Day Messages

3. International Anti Corruption Day inspires each one of us to stand against this social evil and make it a happier and healthier world to live in.

4. On the occasion of International Anti Corruption Day, we all must take pledge to do our best to uproot this problem from our lives.

5. In order to end corruption, we all have to join hands and begin this fight against this serious social issue. Warm wishes on Anti-Corruption Day.

6. It is quite sad that we have to celebrate Anti-Corruption Day. It is quite sad that there is corruption everywhere around us which is destroying our lives.

7. Wishing a very Happy Anti-Corruption Day. Let us have this social issue come to an end. Let us be truthful and honest in order to have a corruption free society to live in.

Anti-Corruption Day Slogans

8. Corruption is like a ball of snow which increases in its size with every roll.

9. The country with more laws is more corrupt and country with lesser laws is a less corrupt one.

10. Always raise your voice against corruption.

11. Corruption is killing us all and we don’t even know it.

12. With corruption, no country or society can progress.

13. Corruption must end, for mankind to survive.

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