50+ Catchy Anti Corruption Slogans – Taglines in English

Anti Corruption Slogans, Corruption Taglines

The world celebrates December 9th as Anti-Corruption Day because corruption is a crime that is a threat to the development across all the societies. Celebrate this day by sharing slogans on corruption and motivating taglines with images. Make an impact with thoughtful anti- corruption slogans, slogans on corruption photos to share. Have the poster on corruption with slogans and slogans on rise against corruption shared with everyone around you.

In this post, we bring to you the most motivating slogans on corruption-free Indian in English. Share these catchy anti-corruption slogan, Anti Corruption Day Messages and taglines on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Best Anti Corruption Slogans in English

Joining hands on fighting the battle against corruption.

Corruption is the most difficult thing to deal with and also the most important.

Let us make this world free from corruption.

No corruption means growth and happiness.

Do not take corruption lightly. Happy Anti Corruption Day.

Corruption is like a slow killer.

Wake up to corruption before it is too late.

Ignoring corruption today will create havoc tomorrow.

World is a much better place without corruption.

Corruption has damaged the world beyond repairs.

Smallest of the acts against corruption mean a lot.

Ignoring corruption is like ignoring the poison in your life.

Don’t let the corruption steal away your happiness, peace and prosperity.

Ending corruption is the best way to end obstacles to growth.

A country without corruption is the happiest.

Corruption always supports the wrong and makes the right suffer.

With corruption blooming, dooms day is really very close.

Corruption has always been the most damaging threat to the society.

A nation that works against corruption works towards prosperity.

With corruption, there is no end to problems.

Poster on Corruption with Slogan

Strict action against corruption is just what we need.

Our next generations deserve a world without corruption.

Bowing to corruption is surrendering our happiness.

Fight against corruption must not end until corruption ends.

It is going to be a difficult battle against corruption.

Anti Corruption Slogans in Hindi

Aao saath milkar desh ko corruption mukt banayein.

Jahan corruption nahin, wahan sukh aur samridhi hai.

Corruption anginat dikkaton ki jad hai.

Yadi corruption ko khatma kar diya, toh ek badi jung jeet li.

Humein saath milkar corruption se ladna hoga.

Best and Catchy Anti Corruption Slogans, Taglines in English

Celebrate this day with powerful anti corruption slogans and best titles for corruption. Share on social media the motivations posters on corruption with slogans.

In this post, we unfold a collection of inspiring Anti Corruption Day slogans. Use these Anti Corruption  slogans in Hindi and English to post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to remind everyone of this important day.

The fear of losing power is what gives birth to corruption.

Corruption is as dangerous as pollution. Stop corruption.

Common man is the most affected from corruption.

Corruption flows top to bottom and not bottom to top.

An honest leader can treat the problem of corruption amongst his juniors.

Anti-corruption starts from your own self.

Always be honest to fight against corruption.

Only youth can challenge corruption.

Corruption is killing us all.

Corruption is a crime; it is the biggest threat to the world.

Fight corruption to create a better world.

Say NO to bribe.

Let us pledge to fight against corruption.

Corruption is a curse for a country.

Corruption is never fair.

Greed results into corruption.

Corruption is polluting the society.

Corruption has the power to ruin any country.

Destroy corruption before it destroys us.

Corruption kills everything; values, ethics, nations; everything!!!

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