Happy Purim Wishes, Greetings Messages and Quotes

Happy Purim Wishes, Greeting Cards Messages and Quotes

The festival of Purim will begin in the evening of Wednesday, 23 March and ends in the evening of Monday, 24 march, 2024. Purim is a celebration of liberation of the oppressed by the king. The Persian king planned a mass destruction of Jewish community about 2500 years ago. The Persian king Ahasuerus (believed to be Xerxes I) was advised by his adviser, Haman. Queen’s Esther’s adopted father and cousin Mordecai urged the queen to stop the eradication and rescue the Jewish community. “Pur” means a lot in Persian language. The plural form is Purim. The festival is named after this word as a lot of Jewish were saved. We have collected some Inspirational Thoughts for Jewish festival, Purim.

We have collected some lovely, cute happy purim wishes, purim messages, purim day quotes to share to your friends, relatives and loved ones. You can spread the message of freedom and the Purim messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Happy Purim Wishes, Purim Day Greeting Messages

1). Wish you a happy Purim to you and your family

2). May this Purim bring joy and happiness in your life and in your family

3). Happy Purim to all. Hope you have a joyful celebration!

4). Happy Purim. Hope you enjoyed your Hamantaschen!

5). Happy Purim to all Jewish brothers. Be proud of your history and remember on this day.

6). Celebrate the rescue of the Jews on this festival of Purim. Happy Purim to all.

7). Celebrate this festival of Purim with sweets, cookies, bagels, wine, nuts and fruits. Happy Purim.

8). Let us remember Esther and her bravery on this auspicious of Purim. Happy Purim to all.

9). Let us celebrate this Purim by listening to Esther’s story and praising her bravery. Happy Purim to all

10). Let us uncover our mask and reveal the goodness in ourselves on this day by helping the poor. Happy Purim to all.

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Purim Quotes and Sayings 2024

11). Long live Mordecai, cursed be Haman, blessed be Esther”. Happy Purim

12). May the name of the wicked rot!”. Happy Purim

13). “Throughout the year we wear a mask”. Happy Purim

14). “Our facial expressions cover who we really are, our society covers who we really are.” Happy Purim

15). “You put on the mask and the inner self is able to explode,” Happy Purim.

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