Happy National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day

Books are the man’s best friend and this beautiful association is celebrated on August 9th every year. For every book lover, it is a special day. On this day, all the book lovers are encouraged to find a good book and a comfortable reading place. If you also know someone who is in love with reading and books then National Book Lover’s Day is the best day to wish them and make them happy.

Here are some of the best National Book Lover’s Day messages and thoughtful quotes that are perfect to send greetings to the book lovers you have around you. Make August 9th, 2016 special for them with these sample messages.

1). Whenever you read a good book, you are making efforts to open a new door to let more light come in. May you are blessed with more and more books. Happy National Book Lover’s Day to you.

2). Ever since I know you, you are in love with books and these books make you a more mature, knowledgeable and intelligent person. Sending you warm wishes on National Book Lover’s Day.

3). The intellect of a man is a reflection of the kind of books he reads. The reason for your amazing knowledge is the hunger to read more and read good. Happy National Book Lover’s Day to you.

4). For a book lover like you, I only pray to God to shower you with the best of the books of the best of the authors that always keep you happy. Happy Reading to you on National Book Lover’s Day.

5). A book lover is never lonely or depressed because he has his best friends always with him, his books, who are honest. You are lucky to have such friends. Happy National Book Lover’s Day.

6). On the occasion of National Book Lover’s Day, I pray that you always come across the books that make you happier. May you always enjoy reading, no matter how busy you get or how old you become.

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