Happy International Polar Bear Day Messages, Quotes and Sayings

International Polar bear day messages, quotes, sayings and slogans

National polar bear day also known as International Polar Bear Day is celebrated every February 27. This Day is celebrated to spread the awareness on the conservation of Polar bears. Polar bears are declining every year due to global warming, which is a threat to their survival. Polar bears survive in cold climates and global warming increase the temperature. This is a threat to their survival. Let’s become a part of the awareness to preserve these beautiful creations of our world, by sharing messages, quotes, sayings and slogans, Polar Bear Instagram Captions on International Polar bear day.

Funny Polar Bear Love Quotes and Messages

1). Give someone a polar bear hug, Hugging and cuddling are favorite things of a bear.

2). Polar babies are so cute, cuddly and lovable, just like our babies. They have a right to live and survive.

3). Study nature, love fellow beings, nature will never let you down.

4). Every creature is beautiful when alive, than dead. He who understands will preserve life, than destroying it.

5). Life is as sweet mute creature, as it is for a man. Just as any man likes to be happy and live so do other beautiful creatures of God.

Cute Polar Bear Sayings

6). The animals are created for their own existence, not made for humans. Let them survive.

7). Let our next generation see the beautiful polar bears, not just read in books.

8). We all share this beautiful planet with our fellow living beings. Let’s not monopolize for our selfish deeds.

9). Let’s accept the reality that by global warming and population increase, polar bears are put to extinction, indirectly putting humans to endangered species.

10). We are the most intelligent species that God created, unfortunately we forget compassion with our fellow living beings. Let’s increase our horizon of thinking by widening compassion towards polar bears.

Save Polar Bears Slogans

11). The polar caps are melting, don’t let the polar bear melt.

12). Harsh’ to us is ‘home’ for them – Ice is harsh to us and a home for polar bears, don’t let the ice melt.

13). We like to stay warm, let the polar bears live cold.

14). Let’s save the Arctic, if not for polar bears, at least for our survival.

15). Let’s save the USA geography by saving the polar region.

Polar Bear Captions for Instagram

Polar bears are the cutest thing on the planet.

We all want to hug the very huggable polar bear.

There is something so heavenly about the polar bears.

The fur that the polar bears wear make them so warm and adorable.

Let us love and let us save the polar bears.

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