Happy Single Awareness Day Greetings Card Messages and Quotes

Happy Single Awareness Day Greetings Card Messages and Quotes

Single awareness day is celebrated on 15th February 2024 which is a celebration of all the singles who are not in a relationship or in love or married. All the singles celebrate with their family and friends and is most of the time considered as a normal day like any other. Indirectly they tell the world that they are single and enjoy all the freedom and are contented without any regrets not having a partner.

All the singles share single awareness day quotes and Anti-Valentines day cards with each other. We have collected some Single awareness day greeting messages, wishes and Single Awareness Day quotes to share on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Happy Single Awareness Day Messages Quotes, Greetings

1). To love oneself is the beginning of journey of love.

2). People land up paying heavily to get love. I pamper myself with my money. Happy being single

3). Happy Valentine’s day to all those who are committed, happy independence day to all singles.

4). Roses are beautiful and chocolates are yummy but, I need to lose weight, no chocolates for me.

5). I am busy spending my Valentine’s day with Ex…box

6). I am celebrating this Valentine’s day with wine and Pizza just the way I love it.

Funny Single anti valentine’s day cards and Awareness Day Quotes

7). Who really cares about Happy Valentine’s day I am happy being single. I find my life fabulous.

8). I will spend my Valentine’s Day with my true love… FOOD.

9). Couples have only one day to celebrate, I have all 365 days for myself.

10). I heard that the journey of true love never did run smooth. So, I didn’t take the chance to go rough. Happy anti valentine’s day!

11). I would like to remind all the unhappy souls today that St Valentine was beaten to death with clubs.

12). Today is Valentine’s Day. I guess the other name for Valentine’s day is Extortion day.

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