Happy International Midwives Day Greetings Messages | Midwife Day Slogans

Happy International Midwives Day Greetings Messages, Midwife Day Slogans

Midwives play a significant role in childbirth. To honour them, 5th may is celebrated as International Midwives Day across the globe. The reason for celebrating this day is to make people aware of the role and contribution made by midwives in helping a mother deliver a baby. Celebrate International Day of the Midwife 2018 by sharing midwifery slogans on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp. You can also send funny International Midwives Day messages with students.

We have come up with a wonderful collection 2018 of International Midwives Day wishes, messages, slogans and sayings for your reference.

Happy International Midwives Day Messages

1. You are the reason we all have smiles on our faces, you are the reason our family has an heir, you are the best midwife a woman can expect…… Sending warm wishes to you on International Midwives Day.

2. On the occasion of International Midwives Day, I am reminded just of you…… for you brought our child in this world and filled our house with happiness and joy…… Wishing you a wonderful day and successful year ahead!!!

3. With midwives like you, we don’t need a doctor because you are there to assist the mother in the best possible way, making the challenge seem easier….. With all my heart, I wish you a very Happy International Midwives Day.

4. To the midwife, who has the courage to take risks and successfully converting it into a story blessed with smiles and good news….. I wish you a very warm Happy International Midwives Day, for you are the best midwife I know.

5. The celebrations of International Midwives Day are incomplete without sending my warm wishes to you on this occasion….. You are the lady of strength who never gave up even in the toughest of the situations….. A very Happy International Midwives Day to you.

Happy Midwife Day Slogans

6. There is nothing more challenging and rewarding than bringing a baby in this world.

7. Only a midwife has the magical power to fill a home with lots of happiness.

8. A good midwife is the one who can transform a challenge into a beautiful little baby.

9. Midwives are the connection between a baby and its family as they are responsible for bringing them in this world.

10. A pregnant woman is relaxed when she knows that she will have a good midwife by her side during delivery.

Humourous & Funny Midwife Sayings

11. Always choose your midwife carefully, if your child is naughty, don’t blame the parents, blame the midwife who brought the baby in this world……Happy International Midwives Day.

12. It is the mother who does all the labour and it is the midwife who gets to take the fruit of the labour in her arms first….. Cheers to the midwives….. Happy International Midwives Day!!!!

13. You have been the most inspiring midwife ever….. Only you know how to make a woman in labour laugh out loud in pain….. Wishing you a very warm and happy International Midwives Day.

14. Cheers to the midwife who is responsible for bringing so many naughty, crazy kids in this world….. Sending my warm wishes to you on the occasion of International Midwives Day.

15. Midwife is the reason why the family is so happy and the baby is so not happy….. Let us celebrate the occasion of International Midwives Day for making the life so worthy and memorable for so many mothers and fathers.

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