Funny Wedding Messages for Friends

Funny Wedding Messages for Friends

The funny wedding wishes bring smile on the face of the friends and are of humorous nature to make the person much happier. There are funny greetings cards with wedding wishes one can send to friends. These cards contain funny wedding quotes or pictures for the friends.

Funny and hilarious wedding message samples for the friends on their ceremony to make them laugh their heart out:

1). Friend, its time you lose your freedom to being hooked to your wife forever now. I wish you a happy wedding ceremony and all the luck for the loss of your choice.

2). Wishing my dear friend love and good luck on his wedding ceremony. I am much happy that now you would leave my side and be with your committed companion for good.

3). I wish you congratulations on your wedding my friend. From now on, I hope your listening powers are sure to be much developed listening to your lovely wife.

4). Lovely wishes for your wedding my friend. I send gifts for you and your groom and wish you two go on the honeymoon soon and stop pestering me.

5). This text wishes my best friend a happy wedding ceremony. I hope you have arranged a good feast on the reception or else you would not be lucky enough to receive my gift.

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