Funny Thanksgiving Away Messages

Funny Thanksgiving Away Messages

Thanksgiving is the celebration of fun and enjoyment and it is a way to celebrate the day with your family. This festival gathers everyone under one roof and it makes the time to share some fun-loving experiences with each other. It is the festival of food as well. If you are away from your family in the occasion of thanksgiving, then don’t feel sorrow; instead send a funny thanksgiving away message to your close ones to celebrate the occasion.

A list of funny thanksgiving away message samples is showcased below:

1). A big turkey is in trouble as it is trapped in my tummy; if you have any solution, then let me know and extend your helping hand to save a turkey. Anyways, happy thanksgiving and may your life always fill with love and fun.

2). This thanksgiving, make the dinner light and adjust your belly with your tight outfit. Don’t let the buttons of your shirt fly in the sky and enjoy your thanksgiving in a funny way. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you.

3). Say sorry to your diet as you miss it on the thanksgiving and then please your diet after that to get back your shape. So, eat whatever you want and break the all restriction and don’t bother about your weight, it goes up and down. Happy thanksgiving.

4). Thanksgiving is the more the festival of turkey as you go outside, you definitely have lots of options in turkey recipes. If you don’t even like it, you have no option other than turkey. Enjoy your turkey and happy thanksgiving.

5). Today is Thanksgiving, so I want to give you a thank you note for sharing my tears, for caring me, for giving lots of smiles and for making my life beautiful. It is true, I am away, but feel me in your heart, I am with you.

6). I wish you a happy thanksgiving and let’s thanks to God for making us mad for each other. Keep us in your blessing always and thank you whatever we have today.

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