Funny Take Care Messages for Him

Funny Him Take Care Messages

The funny take care messages for him are humorous as well as funnier and are sent to the guy through text messages. The funny take care messages has best funny quotes and smileys for the guy to bring a smile on his face. The wishes would make the guy feel happier.

Following are hilarious and funny take care messages samples to make him break out in a hearty laugh:

1). Through this text, I wish him a cheerful day ahead and hope you are taking care of yourself. Make sure you don’t forget to return the money soon which I lent you last week.

2). Do bring me the much awaited outfit I asked you for my birthday in the evening. My love for him is deep and I wish you take good care of yourself to ensure more love from me.

3). For him, sending my love and expecting you to return me my memento I gave you. It would be better I get it soon and you need to take care of yourself well if I do not get it in time.

4). This text carries love and take care wishes for him with love. Dear, I expect you to be in the party I your best outfit failing which I would not let you get to the venue.

5). For him, do take care of yourself and everyone in the family well. I want you to return me the money you borrowed which has crossed the due date of return.

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