Funny Spiritual Anniversary Messages

Funny Spiritual Anniversary Messages

Marriage is a beautiful association of two hearts which is nourished with love, trust and care. You spend your life with someone who is not just your spouse but your soul mate, friend, guide and life. Wedding anniversary is the time to recall the date when you both tied the knot and became one. Here are some funny spiritual sample text messages to wish your spouse a Happy Wedding Anniversary in the most amazing way.

1). Not that God has made us man and wife, I have the license to scream at you for all my life and I am sure you are planning to do the same for years to come. Happy Anniversary.

2). It feels great to know that we have completed another year full of fights and make ups. Thank God for to help us tolerate each other. Happy anniversary my love! Many more to come.

3). Our wedding anniversary is the reminder to celebrate the relationship blessed by God. It is the reminder for me to annoy you again and be more creative. Happy Anniversary baby.

4). Congratulations my love!!! By the grace of God we are going to have another year of fights and suffering. Let us make it a wonderful year together. Wishing you Happy Anniversary.

5). Dear love, you have been partner in all my crimes. God has given you perfect qualities that complement mine. So let’s make it a year of excitement. Happy Anniversary my sweetheart.

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