Funny Romantic Messages for Husband

Husband Funny Romantic Messages

The funny romantic wishes for husband is humorous filled and are written with funny quotes for him to bring a smile on his face and make him happier. The funny wishes are sent through text messages for the husband and it also expresses the love of the wife for him. The wishes can be sent through gifts for the husband.

List of good samples of funny romantic messages for the husband to make him laugh are given below:

1). Dear husband, I hope you remember the gift of our love I sent you last week and have arranged a similar token of love for me too. It was a way of expressing my never ending love for you.

2). For my husband, I send my love and good wishes through this text. I expect you to soon return me a memento of your love for me by sending a precious gift at my door.

3). Loving wishes with gifts for my dear husband. I have sent you this text as a reminder of the beautiful dress you promised to gift me and pending from your side.

4). I send this beautiful text to express my love for my cute husband. I also remind you sweetly of the glorious party you would throw next week for my birthday and hope you have started saving for it.

5). To my husband, hope you have ordered my best beautiful dress you were to gift me. I love you for fulfilling my sweet wishes so dearly with love and make me smile every time.

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