Funny Morning Love Message for wife

Funny good Morning Love Message for wife

The funny love wishes for wife are humorous and can be sent through recordings of love notes and funny good morning wishes for the wife. The wishes can be sent through cards with sweet funny pictures on cards or through funny smiley through text messages. The funny wishes would bring smile on the face of the wife and would make her feel mood jolly and happier as well as her day brighter all the day throughout.

List of funny morning love message examples are given below:

1). Dear wife, sending you good morning wish through this lovely text. Make sure you bake me a cake today and have it ready or else I won’t gift you the surprise I have in store for you.

2). Dearest wife, I wish you a good morning. I hope you enjoyed the delicious breakfast I made for you and expect the sweet dessert for tonight for me ready failing which tomorrow no breakfast from me.

3). Lovely wife, sending you good morning wish. I would expect the sweet surprise you have for me by tonight or else I won’t be gifting your favourite dress you asked me for.

4). Through this text, I, your husband wish you a good morning sweetheart wife. Dear I want my money back you took from my wallet or else I won’t take you out to the special date.

5). Cute wife, have a good morning filled with sweet moments. Make sure you bring me a wallet from your tour and not come empty handed like last time.

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