Funny I Miss you Messages for Wife

Funny I Miss you Messages for Wife

Staying away from your wife makes you feel sad, but you can send a loving and funny message to your wife exploring your all emotions that bring out your emotion of love. You can send your emotion in a funny way, so that it brings a sweet smile to your loved one’s face. The message is about your love and care as well as your moments that you together shared.

Here a nice collection of funny I miss you message samples for wife is essayed below:

1). You are away and I miss you a lot. It is true we are always connected by heart, but I miss you by my side. There is no one who loves to listen to my old jokes and nonsense stories. You are the one who never says you get bored. Miss you.

2). When I am around you, I may not notice the importance of your presence, but as I am miles away, I realize how precious you are. Without you, foods miss the taste, my arms miss hugs and my heart misses your love.

3). I love you and it is the only thing I can do throughout my life without any tiredness. I wish I could be always with you, but it is not always possible, but I really miss you from the bottom of my heart.

4). There is no second, I live without remembering you; you are the reason of my life and you are everything to me. Don’t let me alone, not for a while. Very soon I will be with you and bring back those joyful days again.

5). Love makes people mad, when you are in love, you smile without any reason, you cry without any cause and only the loved one can understand you, others say you are mad. Yes, I am mad in love with you. Miss you.

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