Funny I Miss you Messages for Friend

Funny I miss you messages for friend

If you miss your friends, then send miss you message to your friends, but in a funny. You may have experienced a lot of funny emotions with your friends, but a funny message can bring the same emotion that shared when you were together. Express your emotion in a very beautiful way and bring back the moment of your friendship through words. Your message conveys the note of your love for your friend.

Here a nice collection of funny I miss you message samples for friend is essayed below:

1). The days we spent together were the golden days of life; in nonsense jokes and useless gossip, we have passed so many years together. Today we have time, but it is of no use, I wish you were there with me to make fun again.

2). The journey we crossed together was amazing, where there are lots of smiles and cries. But what made us friend was facing the hard times together in the life, I must say the failures met us and we became true friends.

3). The life without you is just like gossip without spice, entertainment without cheer and fun without laugh; that means you add an edge to my every joy and my dear friend I miss you a lot.

4). Our friendship is just like the stars that are always in the sky, but sometimes you can see and sometimes cannot. Today we are miles away, but our friendship remains the same as it was. Miss you.

5). We are away from each other, I cannot hear you, cannot see your sight, but I feel you or even I can ride back the memories of the past. Without you, it seems time just stops, so does everything in the world.

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