Funny Good Morning Messages for Lovers

Funny Good Morning Messages for Lover

The funny love wishes for lovers are humorous and sent through cards with funny pictures on them for the lovers. The funny wishes and love wishes for the lover would bring smile on the face early in the morning and make him or her feel brighter all the day throughout. One can also send funny recordings of morning wishes and love notes for the lover or can also send funny smiley and quotes wishes through text messages.

Samples of funny good morning messages for lovers sent in different ways are given below:

1). Dear lover, I wish you good morning through this text. I hope you come to the date today wearing the beautiful dress I gifted you or else will surely leave you waiting.

2). Sweet lover, I send you lovely good morning wish. Make sure you do not forget to bring the money you owe me with which I plan to pay for the date or else it is upon you.

3). Dearest lover, wishing you a good morning. I eagerly wait for the surprise you have been promising me from days and my patience has now turned to like making you wait when you come to meet me.

4). Cute lover, sending you good morning wish through this text. Though it is my treat today, I want you to pay since I left my wallet at home on pestering by my parents.

5). Through this text, dear lover I wish good morning. Make sure you come in the best dress as I plan to take you out to the special place I always say and not the regular tea stall.

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