Funny Good Luck Messages for College

Funny Good Luck Messages for College

College students are mainly fun loving and love to be careless in their way of living. But you can send a message to your close ones, who are studying in a college to remind them of their aim, but of course in a funny way. You can present your though in a light manner, so that they can understand the priorities of life. The words of the message present your fun loving sight.

A list of funny good luck message samples for college is essayed below:

“The college life is about finding love, bunking classes, giving proxies, and at the end losing your ranks. So it is up to you what do you want, a joy with smile, or the joy without the smiles. Hope, you choose the right one. Good luck.”

“Live your freedom, but don’t ignore your aim, live your life, but don’t keep you away from entertainment. Ignoring the temptation is really hard, but success will be for those, who learn to sacrifice things for the betterment.”

“You may conquer many things in your college life, many heartbreaks, and you learn to overcome from it. But never stop imagining, not only for fun, but also for studying. Create your world and make it true as well. Good luck.”

“One thing students cannot promise in college, which is never lying. From proxy to secret outing with friends, lie is the only excuse of the students. Be true to yourself and enjoy your college life the most.”

“In college life, students ignore studying, the reason is, they may think many degrees cannot good for their body temperature. It might make them hot. If it is true, being hot is not bad. Good luck and enjoy your life.”

“Who says, you always need to give your best, you can give your good too, but that should be with your honesty. Go ahead and make your own history and live your golden days of life. Good luck.”

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