Funny Good Evening Messages for Sister

Funny Good Evening Messages for Sister

Bring a sweet and cute smile to your sister’s face by sending a beautiful and funny good evening message to her. You have so many fun loving memories of the past and you can bring those memories alive again with the message. Express your emotion, but in a funny way and make the moment beautiful and charming. The words are framed in a nice way, but maintain the sense of the message.

Here a sweet and funny collection of good evening message samples for sister is presented below:

1).Remember those days, I was always trying to make you angry, but ended up making myself annoyed; you were cool and you are still the same, I wish I would succeed in it at least for once. Good evening.

2). Your meaningless complaints, your nonsense jokes; once irritated me, but all are missed today. Without you, life seems boring and that has no game, no fun, no cheer and no joy. Miss you and good evening.

3). You are my guide to lead me in a right way, you are my love expert to advise me in love and relationship; you are my protector to save me from mom’s scolding and anger. You are my sister, but a part of mine. Good evening.

4). Our childhood was the best time where we made a family, we went to the job together and we shared everything, though in imagination. But today it is true, we have a family, job, but we are not together. Miss you and good evening.

5). You always believe me, no matter, I have done wrong or right; you understand me, even you know my silence expression. You handle me more than I do; keep this relationship the same forever. Good evening.

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