Funny Good Evening Messages for Girlfriend

Funny Good Evening Messages for Girlfriend

Bring a sweet smile to your girlfriend’s face with a funny good evening message and let her know how much you love her. The message opens up your heart to your loved one and presents your true emotion through the words. You can add your personal memories in your message to make her feel special to you.  The message brings back the past and make the environment charming and beautiful. Express your emotion in a funny way.

Here a romantic and funny collection of good evening message samples for girlfriend:

“Without you, the life is incomplete; it is true before meeting you; I was living my life too, but it did not have the colors as I have with you. Don’t go away, be with me always and paint pictures together. Good evening. ”

“Look outside, it is the evening time, but don’t be scared the darkness of night; instead enjoy the disco lights of starts, the dimming rays tell you someone is always there to hold your hand. Good evening.”

“With you, seeing the setting sun makes me feel happy; with you; going through the pain has a relief sense, with you, darkness seems bright; others say it is madness, but lovers say it is love and I love you. Good evening.”

“I am ready to argue, but only with you; I am ready to cry, if you are by my side; I am ready to cheer, if you give your shout; my life is perfect, only if it has you; good evening and love you forever.”

“Ups and downs are there in the life; but with you, I can make any hurdles smoother; joy and tears are part of living, but I can turn my tears into smiles if you are around me. I miss you and good evening.”

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