Funny Good Evening Messages for Brother

Funny Good Evening Messages for Brother

Send good evening wishes to your brother, but in a funny way so that it brings a sweet smile to your brother’s face. Share your childhood stories and let the magic spread all over. The message presents your fun loving sight to your brother that makes him smile and make the environment cheering. You can frame this sweet note, especially when you are away from your brother and miss him. The message talks about your love and affection and sweet memories.

The latest collection of funny good evening message samples for brother is essayed below:

1). You are my sweet and little brother and the best thing in you is you never say no when I ask you for something; it is true, I make you annoyed, but I become surprised to see your patience. Good evening.

2). One day you will be a big man for sure; the talent you have is rare and your tricks are hard to solve, be it making me fool or pulling my leg; you look innocent, but your thinking is not. Good evening.

3). Today I am away and I miss you a lot; your all complaints against me now make me happy, but sad. The game we played in the past, you always won, not by your brain, but by your crying. I miss you and good evening.

4). Having a brother like you, I feel lucky; you are the bank account for my pocket money; you are my protector from mom’s scolding; you are my friend to share my gossip. I wish you good evening.

5). As long as you are with me, I don’t need to have a friend as well as an enemy, you can justify both roles at your best; you praise me in my success; but you scold me a lot in my mistake, but you love me more than anything else.

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