Funny Engagement Messages for Cards

Funny Engagement Messages for Cards

Funny engagement cards are a popular way of sending wishes for a couple getting engaged. The cards can be either purchased or self made. There are different type of cards in the market, cards with funny cartoon characters, funny quotes and one-liners to make the couple split into laughter on their engagement day.

Below are sample of funny engagement messages for cards that can be sent to your friends.

1). Congratulations for surrendering your freedom. Now that you have exchanged rings, you are a prisoner for lifetime.

2). So we have a new subject to discuss about you. Your engagement will be a new issue for us to talk about you. Congratulations on your engagement.

3). I know you are going to give me a grand party on your engagement. You won’t say no as you would not like your secrets to be leaked out. Congratulations friend on your engagement.

4). Its time for parties till you get married. This will be the last series of parties for you. Congratulations, my dear friend on your engagement.

5). Now that you are engaged, we are free from bearing your anger. May God give your life partner the strength to bear you. Congratulations on your engagement.

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