Funny Congratulations Messages for New Job

Funny Congratulations Messages for New Job

When your friends and close ones get a new job, you should wish congratulation on this occasion to celebrate this moment. Wish your friends in a funny way and make the moment special for him/her. Add your personal thought to make the message more interesting to read. Essay your ideas in a witty way so that he/she can feel a new energy to start a new job.

Here list of funny congratulation message samples for a new job is presented below:

1). The new job comes with many responsibilities. But keep your confidence high and give your best at work. If you feel tired in between, take a break, but not so long; this advice is free only for you. Congratulation and all the best.

2). A new chapter of life, you are going to write; make many success stories and add many colors in this life; no one looks at your past; how much you have lied in job applications; but the winner is who turns all those right. Go ahead and congratulation.”

3). You never wait to get the good opportunity; instead you do your work and earn the success; congratulation for your new job. Now the time has come to live a life with pressure and award. Believe in yourself always. Congratulation.

4). You got what you desire and I wish you congratulation for the new job. Split your personality and enjoy the life in both home and office; try to be professional at work, not at your home; else you will never be happy.

5). Say bye to the informal life and welcome the scheduled duty; obeying orders, handling project and many more. Don’t be afraid; just smile when the worst comes. Be confident enough to deal with any situation. Congratulation.

6). Until now, you have time, gossip; entertainment, but without money, but after that you have money, but you have no time to spend it, you have success, but no time to celebrate it. Welcome to the job life. Congratulation.

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