Funny Congratulations Messages for New Home

Funny Congratulations Messages for New Home

When your close ones buy a new home, then you need to wish your friends congratulation, but in a funny way. The message comes with a charming note that makes the moment delight for everyone. You can bring out your own emotion, but in a light way through words and leaves a beautiful smile on every one’s face. Make your message unique by presenting your thoughts in a witty way, but the emotion is true.

A beautiful collection of funny congratulation message samples for new home is showcased below:

1). Your address is going to change, I wish congratulation for this. I hope this new address gives you and your family the immense pleasure of life. Don’t forget to throw a party for us, we are waiting. Congratulation.

2). Your home is a place for your peace, is a place for your dream and is a place for your smiles. So live your life and enjoy its each bit with your family. Noise, laugh, smiles and joy pour its each corner and gives you the true life. Congratulation.

3). Away from your work, it is the home of your refreshment. Seeing the smiling face of your kids, feeling the loving touch of your partner, enjoying the family get together every day in your home. I wish God will always keep you in your blessing.

4). Congrats for your new home; sometimes beyond the location, there is something that touches your heart and your house says so. Hope what you desire, everything will come true soon. Live your life with your family. Congrats.

5). It is your Home sweet home, so enjoy the life here at its fullest. Staying with the family gives you the ultimate joy of life and I wish the love and smile last forever in your life. Congratulation for your new home.

6). It is your home, or rather a place of your dream, live the pleasant life here as king and queen. Being together always in smile and tear and paint your house with many shades of colors. Congratulation.

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