Funny Congratulations Messages for Friends

Funny Congratulations Messages for Friends

If you are going to congratulate your friends for his/her achievements in life, be it marriage, or a new job or something, then you can send your wishes in a funny way. Friendship is the bonding of love and fun and you can pen down your emotion through the words. The message brings smile to your friend’s face and you can add your personal thoughts to write your message. Express your desire in a witty way to congratulate your friends.

Here a sweet and cute list of funny congratulation message samples for friends is presented below:

1). Congratulation my friend for your engagement. But a free tip, I want to share, never expect too much from your dear; remember this forever in your life; don’t dare to forget, else you will also be counted among the sad couple.

2). Try and try, never give up, oath it to live a successful life; if you feel tired in between, remember those nursery rhymes to go ahead in life if it is difficult to memorize, then leave it and concentrate on try and try. Congratulation for this achievement.

3). You never go after the success, instead you live to learn new thing in life. Now the success is all yours and I congratulate you for this achievement. Now we are waiting for you to share the secret of this joy with us.

4). Congratulation as you finally decide with whom you want to spend your rest of life; now the big mystery has solved and thank you to make us the stress free from this extra pressure. Once again, congratulations.

5). Success and fail comes and goes, so be prepared for everything. To what you achieve is your dream, but it is not the end and you have a long way to go; so work hard, eat healthy and drink well and enjoy the life at its best. Congratulation.

6). A wise person says dream big, don’t follow it literally as it is not about sleeping, it is about imagining. So don’t listen to others, instead hear your own voice of heart as you did and got this achievement. Congratulation.

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