Funny Baby Shower Messages to Parents

Funny Baby Shower Message to Parents

Funny baby shower wishes are humorous wishes which are meant to bring smile to the face of the parents. The funny baby shower wishes can be sent through a card with a beautiful funny character drawn with the message. One can also create a funny video clip for the parents and send it in a DVD.

Let us see the samples of the funny baby shower messages for new parents:

1). Dear parents, I hope you are both geared up for sleepless night and frequent observing your child at night. I send my heartiest wishes for the baby shower occasion.

2). Dearest parents, prepare yourself for regular diaper changing sessions for both of you. I send heartfelt wishes for the beautiful baby shower event.

3). Lovely parents, it is better that you make a habit of having less sleep even before the new born arrives. That would make you less fatigue filled during the post birth sleeplessness.

4). Beautiful parents, make sure you give me the party for the baby shower occasion since I couldn’t attend now. I won’t forget it, make sure you give and I send wishes for the event.

5). Dear parents, I send my love and heartfelt wishes for the baby shower event. I pray that our baby does much mischief during the occasion to distract you.

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