Funny Baby Shower Messages to Baby

Best Funny Baby Shower Messages

Funny baby shower wishes for baby are sent to the parents as they gear up to welcome the baby girl in the family. The funny wishes are humorous and will bring smile to the faces of the parents. The wishes can be sent in a funny video or through a card with funny characters drawn and the wishes written on it.

Let us see the samples of funny baby shower messages to baby sent in different ways:

1). Dear baby, I hope your parents have a special treat in store for me that I couldn’t attend the baby shower occasion. I send heartiest wishes for the event for you.

2). Sweet baby, I would expect a memento from you and your parents considering the lavish baby shower event. I send my love and heart warming wishes for you.

3). Lovely baby, heartiest wishes for the baby shower occasion held especially for you. Do tell your father to organize music and barbeque for me as those are my personal favourites.

4). Dearest baby, I wish you have a wonderful baby shower occasion which will fill your life with happiness. But do not forget to send me back with a return gift considering the lovely wishes.

5). Dear baby, I send my love and lovely wishes for a wonderful baby shower occasion. I wish you have no definite theme for a dress considering I would be arriving straight from office.

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