Funny Away Messages for Love

Funny Away Messages for Love

Bring a sweet smile to your loved one’s face when you are away from him/her. Staying away from the loved one is difficult, but a message can give relief from your pain and bring back the beautiful memories of the past. Express your feeling very romantically, but in a funny way so that you can make the mood delight. Even you are away, your message of love tells everything what you feel for him/her.

The list of funny away message samples for love is given below:

1). I have fallen many times in my life, but the only fall that gives the joy and smile is when I have fallen in love with you. It changes my life and makes me perfect. No matter how far we are, we are always together by heart. Miss you.

2). When I am away from you, try to listen to the silence of love, as love has no words to express. Try to feel me, not to touch as I may not be there by your side, but I will always be in your heart. I love you and want to spend my days with you.

3). Don’t count the distance how far we are, rather count the days of our love. It brings you nearer in my heart and makes the distance short. The memories of our past always remind you of our love. I will soon be there with you.

4). Love is the feeling that everyone wants to feel at least once in a life, but all are not so lucky to feel it for the lifetime. I am the lucky one, who got your companionship. You are the reason of my life and you are smile of my joy and each second reminds me of your love. Love you.

5).I am miles away from you, but our loving memories always keep us engaged. I promise you, soon we end living in the dream world and start experiencing the feeling of being together. I am always with you. I love you.

6).In good or bad, I can face everything as you are with me, but without you, I am nothing. Distance is made to increase the desire to be together again, if so, I accept this dance for meeting with you soon. Till then, you smile for me always.

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