Friendship Day Quotes, Status Messages for Crush

Friendship Day Quotes, Status Messages for Crush

We’ve all had a crush on someone at some point in our lives. That crush was a lighthearted way of expressing our strong affections for someone. As a youngster and teen, we all had crushes on people whom we may also consider as friends.

We have made a compilation of Friendship day messages for crush, Friendship day Quotes, Friendship day status for whatsapp, Happy Friendship day wishes that you can share with your friends in Instagram and facebook and celebrate the day.

Friendship Day Messages for Crush

I’ve had a lot of crushes on you. But you and I shall always be friends. Happy Friendship Day.

Having a crush on you was fun, but having you as a friend is much better. Have a wonderful Friendship Day.

I’m completely smitten with you, my crush. Friendship Day wishes to you.

I truly enjoy hanging out with you, my crush. Wishes to you on Friendship Day.

Dear crush, I enjoy hearing you talk and want to spend time with you. Have a beautiful Friendship Day.

Friendship Day Quotes for Crush

In my heart, you will always have a particular place, for you are my friend and a crush.

Dear crush, I have a thing for you, and I’m smitten by your aura.

I don’t know how to express how grateful I am to have a buddy like you, my crush.

There are no words to adequately explain my emotions for you my friend and crush.

My dear crush, you are the epitome of what a good friend should be.

Friendship Day Status for Crush, Whatsapp Messages

Dear crush, I’m pleased you’re in my life as a friend since your pleasant demeanour and adorable gesture draws me in. Happy Friendship day to you.

This particular day is dedicated solely to the person I refer to as a buddy and a crush. Friendship day wishes to you.

I’m surrounded by a lot of people, but there’s only one person I admire and that’s you my dear crush. Have a wonderful Friendship day.

My dear crush, your importance in my life as a friend can never be expressed in words. Friendship day wishes to you.

I will always like to spend time with you my dear crush and my friend. Friendship day wishes.

Sweet Friendship Day Wishes for Crush

You’re not only my crush, but also a childhood buddy with whom I’ve had a lot of fun. Wish you a very happy Friendship day.

In you, I recognise two people: my crush and a buddy. It has a unique meaning to me. Wish you a beautiful Friendship day.

The great thing about our friendship is that I had a crush on you at first and then we became friends. That brings a smile on me. Friendship day wishes to you.

We did things full of naivety, knowing nothing my crush and pal. Have a blast on Friendship day.

When I think of our friendship, I don’t recall a certain date when it began, but I do recall that you were my first crush. Have a cheerful Friendship day.

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