Flirty Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

Flirty Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

Flirty god night wishes for the boyfriend include good night wishes for him as well as expresses the love and like feelings for the boyfriend. The funny wishes can be sent through text messages along with gifts for him. One can also send flirty notes to the boyfriend.

List of samples of flirty good night message examples for boyfriend are given below:

1). This text wishes for a good night to my sweet boyfriend. I wish I come to your dreams and make you feel loved in your sleep like always.

2). Dearest boyfriend, wishing you a good night with sweet dreams. I hope I come into your dreams and celebrate best and special moments of our love together.

3). Dear boyfriend, I wish I were the blanket to wrap around you as you drift to sleep. I wish you a good night sweetheart.

4). Sweet boyfriend, wishing you a good night filled with beautiful dreams. I were I am the sheet you sleep in to cuddle you whole night with love.

5). Lovely boyfriend, through this text I wish you a good night. I wish you have wonderful dreams of us having romantic moments together.

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