Engineers Day Funny Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Status

Engineers Day Funny Messages, Funny Wishes, Engineers Quotes, Funny Status

Wish engineers with inspiring Engineers Day messages and funny jokes. Celebrated every year on September 15th, make it a special day for all the engineers with Engineers Day funny wishes and Happy Engineers Day messages. This day is about acknowledging their good work and thanking them and what’s better than Engineers Day funny messages and warm messages.

We have come up with the collection of Happy Engineers Day wishes images, Funny Engineers Day Jokes and messages. Share the funny Engineers Day status for WhatsApp, Facebook.

Engineers Day Funny Messages

“You are the one who is responsible for so many creations. Wishing a very Happy Engineers Day to you.”

“The world would have been a completely different place without engineers. Happy Engineers Day.”

“There are so many ways you keep us ahead in this world and we are thankful to you. Happy Engineers Day.”

“On the occasion of Engineers Day, we extend our warm wishes to our brilliant engineers.”

We are thankful to engineers to make technology useful for the society. Happy Engineers Day.”

Engineers Day Funny Wishes

“Thanks for bringing more comfort into our lives and making us kind of lazy. Happy Engineers Day.”

“Three cheers for engineers who have made this world a better place to live. Happy Engineers Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Engineers Day to the engineers who are working hard each day.”

“Engineers are the creative thinkers who are responsible for so many changes we have seen.”

“Please don’t exhaust the resources we have. Wishing you Happy Engineers Day.”

Engineers Day Funny Quotes

“Sometimes I feel that engineers are born with a different kind of brains. Happy Engineers Day.”

“Let us celebrate Engineers Day by thanking these amazingly intelligent people.”

“Life was so simple and mundane when engineers were not there. Happy Engineers Day.”

“Engineers are the fusion of creativity, intelligence and science put together.”

“Engineers make science accessible to each and every person. Happy Engineers Day.”

Funny Engineers Day Status for Whatsapp, Facebook

“What you create, we mostly enjoy. Wishing you a very Happy Engineers Day.”

“You never give up and that’s why we have so many comforts in our lives. Thank you engineers.”

“Warm wishes on Engineers Day to the minds who are constantly working and don’t know what resting is.”

“There is something special about engineers and that is that they never give up.”

“Happy Engineers Day to the smart and intelligent brains who are changing the world every day.”

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