Constitution Day Message

Constitution Day message

26th November is observed as the Constitution Day as it was on this special day, the Constitution of India was adopted in the year 1949 which was then put into force on 26th January , 1950 which is celebrated as the Republic Day of India. Various events are organized on this day across the country. On this special day, sending Constitution Day 2016 wishes to everyone around you is a wonderful thought.

Here are some of the inspirational Constitution Day quotes and sample text messages which you can utilize to wish family and friends.

1. Constitution Day is the special day to recall the sacrifices of thousands of men and woman…. To chant Vande Mataram… To honor the Indian spirit which brought us freedom and helped us construct our own Constitution. Sending you special wishes on Constitution Day.

2. Let us come together to salute the nation on Constitution Day 2016…. Today is the day to celebrate freedom in mind and faith in words….. the day to feel proud on being an Indian and to recall the memories of lives lost. Warm wishes to you on Constitution Day of India.

3. On the occasion of Constitution Day, every teacher must teach the students the importance of freedom…. Every parent must tell their children about the toughest battle for freedom fought by our forefathers…to tell them about beauty of India. Wishing you a very Happy Constitution Day.

4. Being born as an Indian is a blessing and Constitution Day is the day to celebrate this blessing. It was on this special day that our Constitution came into existence and gave our country a direction to grow and prosper. Heartfelt wishes to you on Constitution Day my dear.

5. Today is the day to remember the wonderful heritage of our country which will always inspire us to feel proud of being an Indian. Today is the day to celebrate the feeling of being Indian by sharing stories of freedom fighters. Warm wishes on Constitution Day to you and your family.

6. India is the most beautiful example of beauty in diversity…. We are the nation of tradition, rich culture and proud heritage…. We are the country of brave freedom fighters and strong army men… let us celebrate Constitution Day in the honor of our nation and our country men.

7. May God always shower his blessings on India by making it a happier, lovelier and the most prospering nation. Let us all join our hands and make efforts to take our nation to new heights of growth. Wishing you a wonderful and beautiful Constitution Day my friend.

8. On the occasion of Constitution Day, let us salute every Indian who has working to make our nation a better place for our generations to come. Let us also remember the sacrifices of great Indian men who fought for the freedom of India. Wishing you very Happy Constitution Day.

9. Constitution of India reminds us about the efforts of hundreds of men who worked in synergy to give our country a strong Constitution which served as the rule book for our countrymen to live and grow with pride and happiness. Wishing you a very Happy Constitution Day.

10. No nation can survive without a Constitution and every Indian is proud of have such a strong Constitution which always binds us together and inspires us to work for the development of our country. Sending you the best of the wishes on the occasion of Constitution Day.

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