Pregnancy Wishes and Messages: Congratulations on Getting Pregnant

Congratulations Pregnancy Wishes and Messages, Pregnant Wishes

Pregnancy is one such period that requires extreme care for aspiring women. She is in a time frame that requires her to be happy and content. In this regard, it is important for the would-be father or other relatives and friends to do the duty. It may necessitate them to find ways to keep her happy and feed with nutritious diet for a healthy pregnancy. Of course, there are mood swings experienced by the expecting mother and should be handled peacefully by others. Not even a single moment of stress has to be donned on the mother. This is also a time, when congratulations on expecting a baby wish starts pouring in. Some are jovial, few are naughty and many are epitome of cuteness.

Congratulations Messages on the Pregnancy

1. Mothers are epitome of God on earth, who nurtures life in her womb as a priceless possession. Really feeling great on such a precious moment. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

2. My happiness and excitement knows no bounds on hearing about your pregnancy. After all, you will be a cute mother with loads of sweet responsibilities. Congratulations and have a blessed time.

3. Be prepared to kindle the blessed love in the sweetest possible way. It is the time to enjoy the every possible attention around. Congratulations and have a healthy pregnancy.

4. Congratulations for your job promotion from a woman to being a beautiful mother. I am really happy for the blessing that god has bestowed on you. Enjoy beautiful time of your life.

5. Sweetness of the whole world will be soon playing in your lap and you would be nurturing it with kindness. Congratulations on pregnancy announcement made by your husband over the social networking account.

Cute Text Messages for a Pregnant Friend

6. You are no longer just an irritable friend; rather, you are growing to be a respectful and responsible mother. Loads of congratulations for your expecting child.

7. Prepare yourself for sleepless nights and diaper changing training because you are going to be a sweet mother. Have all the happiness in life. Congratulations my dear mommy-to be.

8. Expecting a beautiful baby is just the beginning of responsibilities in life that has to be nurtured with utmost calmness. Congratulations on expecting a life within you.

9. As the life goes through varied changes, pregnancy is the most cherished one to experience. It is the all about nurturing love and compassion within your womb. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

10. Pregnancy is a miracle done by god to you and your husband, which will be reaped as a joyous gift throughout life. Heartiest congratulations to my dearest and sweetest friend.

Congratulations on Expecting New Baby

11. Babies are blessing of god nurtured in the womb and born as a beautiful blossom. I am extremely happy on the birth of your baby boy. Congratulations to the entire family.

12. The journey of motherhood begins as the long wait for the baby has ended. All the pains have changed into priceless gain of life. Congratulations on the advent of your first baby.

13. Enjoy babyhood with a touch of responsibility accompanied by unconditional love and patience for sure. Congratulations on the arrival of the family’s new member.

14. As the baby arrives, the moments of happiness enters life and directs the couple towards a new phase of life full of responsibilities. Congratulations on the arrival of your toddler.

15. All the happiness comes to you on the arrival of new baby in life. It is tends to unleash sweetest responsibilities to be donned by parents with sheer love. Congratulations to your family.

Best Wishes to a Pregnant Woman:

16. Prepare physically for uncountable moments of hugs, lots of smiles and chuckles. Most of all, get ready to be on a roller coaster ride with new responsibilities enabling you to run around. Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant women known.

17. Motherhood is a blissful moment coupled with beautiful moments filled with sheer responsibilities. Congratulations to the expecting mother and her accomplice as would-be father.

18. Some promotions are always welcomed in life and cherished throughout. Pregnancy is one such promotion of a woman, who nurtures life in her body. Congratulations to the expecting mother.

19. Being pregnant is the most beautiful moment of your life and you have been bestowed with it by the grace of god. Heartiest congratulations to the expecting mother and her family.

20. On being a mother, woman is bestowed with a gift that gets nurtured throughout life with care and compassion. Congratulations to the couple with loads of happiness.

Congratulations for Expecting Parents:

21. Being parents to a lovely child is something exceptional and a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Congratulations to the aspiring parents, who are waiting for a bundle of joy in their life.

22. As a precious span of time, pregnancy will reap joyous moments throughout coupled with extreme happiness and committed responsibilities. Congratulations on your beautiful pregnancy.

23. Pregnancy is a delightful miracle, which is meant to double your bundle of joys post nine months. Congratulations to the aspirant parents.

24. Join hands in happiness and responsibility with sweetness sprinkled in life. Both of you are entering a new phase that culminates into happy moments. Congratulations to the expecting parents.

25. The world around you becomes happier with the moment of joy entering your life. Hope you to get excellent wishes and lots of gifts. Congratulations on pregnancy gifts as they are precious ones.

What to Write in a Pregnancy Congratulations Card Messages:

26. Expecting a baby is the cutest and the most pleasurable wait one can experience in their life. Heartiest congratulations to the expecting parents for the excellent announcement.

27. Nine months of pain will transform into moments of precious gain decorated with sweetness sprinkled around. Congratulations for the pregnancy. Stay healthy and blessed throughout.

28. Beautiful things initiate in life with pregnancy as a way of understanding the power of loving unconditionally. Congratulations to the expecting mother and the would-be father.

29. Pregnancy is one such moment that changes a person and makes her understand the importance of nurturing pure love. My heartiest congratulations to the expecting parents.

30. All the hardships faced by women in pregnancy are benefited with the reward of new born baby. So, enjoy pregnancy and prepare for sweet responsibilities ahead. Congratulations!

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