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Martyrs deserve deepest respect and honor and therefore, sharing condolence messages for martyrs is something we must all do. As we celebrate Martyrs Day 2021 on January 30th, we must send across the heartfelt Condolence Message for army Martyrs and Martyrs Day messages to express our feelings. Let us remember the lost souls with the condolence messages.

We have come up with a collection of condolence messages for martyrs in Hindi and English for Indian army, Military, soldiers. Share these death condolence messages on the occasion of Martyrs Day.

Condolence Message for Martyrs

“Warm wishes on the occasion of Martyrs Day. Though you are not there but your sacrifice will be remembered for generations to come.”

“We have no words to thank you for your sacrifice and we just want to tell you that you will always be a part of our prayers. Wishing a very Happy Martyrs Day 2021.”

“On the occasion of Martyrs Day, we are sending our deepest condolences to our martyrs. We are proud to be born in a country where you are born.”

“Having such courageous and fearless soldiers is an honor for any country. Warm wishes on Martyrs Day to all our martyrs.”

“With all our heart and soul, we are sending our warmest condolences to the martyrs who stood for their country and sacrificed their lives.”

“It is an honor for us to remember our martyrs who were so much full of patriotism and courage. Warm wishes on Martyrs Day.”

“On the occasion of Martyrs Day, we are remembering our martyrs and praying for their happiness wherever they are. Happy Martyrs Day 2021.”

Condolence Message for Martyrs in Hindi

Jo shaheed hue desh ke liye, wo the jaan baaz jinhone apne desh ke liye apne praan kiye nyochawar.

Naman hai un sabhi shaheedon ko jinhone desh ko sabse upar rakha aur desh ke liye apni jaan tak de di.

Condolence Message for Martyrs of Pulwama

The country is always going to remember the martyrs of Pulwama and will always pray for the peace of their souls.

On the occasion of Martyrs Day, let us not forget the martyrs of Pulwama who died for our country.

Military Condolence Message

Each and every year so many military soldiers surrender themselves to death when they are protecting their country. Let us pray for them all.

As we celebrate the occasion of Martyrs Day, let us come together and pray for the departed souls and their contribution to our country. Happy Martyrs Day.

Rip Message for Indian Army and Soldiers

On the occasion of Martyrs Day, we wish that all the Indian army soldiers who sacrificed their lives are at some happy place. May their soul rest in peace.

Peace is what we all pray for the peace our Indian army soldiers. May their soul rest in peace and may they keep inspiring the generations to come.

Condolence Message for Brave Soldiers

To all the brave soldiers who fought like warriors and brought glory to our country, we wish for their peace.

On the occasion of Martyrs Day, we extend our warm condolence to the brave soldiers who have filled our souls with inspiration.

Condolence Message for National Leader

To the national leader who inspired us and led our ways in so many ways, we send our warm condolences.

They died serving the nation but they left us with so much inspiration. Warm condolence to our national leaders.

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