Christmas Safety Messages and Christmas Slogans for 2019

Christmas Safety Messages, Christmas Safety Slogans

Christmas would be merrier if all your loved ones are safe and happy. Don’t forget to send your family and friends Christmas safety messages along with Christmas messages. Remind them to be safe with Christmas safety slogans and Christmas fire safety messages to help them have the most memorable Xmas of their lives.

In this post, we have come up with the newest safety messages for Christmas holidays. With these funny Christmas safety messages and Christmas road safety messages, remind each and everyone on your friends list to be safe and have a fantastic Christmas.

Christmas Safety Messages

“If you want to be on Santa’s good list this year then make sure you are safe. Warm wishes on Christmas to you my dear.”

“I really wish you a wonderful Christmas but more than merriment, I pray for a safe and blessed Christmas for you my dear.”

“Warm wishes on Christmas to you. Make sure you take along only good memories into the next year by having a safe Christmas.”

Christmas Fire Safety Messages

“On the occasion of Christmas, just wanted to remind you to light up your tree and not your home. Have a fantastic Christmas.”

“Make sure that you stay fire safe this Christmas. Make sure you not light up the atmosphere with smiles and not fire.”

“The wonderful occasion of Christmas always reminds us to keep ourselves safe because safety always comes before celebrations.”

Christmas Road Safety Messages

“This holiday season when you drive, make sure you have a reason to drive. Happy diving to you on Christmas my dear.”

“Whether you are on driver’s seat or walking down the road, never mess with road safety rules on Christmas. Warm wishes on Christmas to you.”

“Be it a Christmas or any other day, you must never compromise with road safety. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.”

Funny Christmas Safety Messages

“If you are not going to keep yourself safe, you will not be able to have any Christmas celebrations. So stay safe and have a Merry Christmas.”

“On the occasion of Christmas¸ before wishing you Merry Christmas, I wish you safety. May you have a wonderful time without any bad experiences.”

“Christmas is all about celebrations and don’t let your mood and spirits go for a toss with you messing up with safety measures. Happy Christmas.”

Christmas Holiday Safety Slogans 2019

Christmas is to be enjoyed best at home and not at a hospital.

You are no Santa with a magical vehicle. Drive safe.

Just like Santa, we also like clean chimneys.

With Christmas coming, the turkey is going to get fatter. Make sure that you watch it out for any hazards.

Be happy and safe this holiday season.

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