50+ Catchy Save River Slogans 2024 – River Day Quotes

Save River Slogans, Quotes

National River Day falls every year on February 2nd every year and is celebrated across the world. As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to the rivers and aims to encourage everyone to come forward and save the rivers.

We bring to you the most inspiring collection of National River Day slogans in English. Share with everyone slogans on river in English and slogans on river in Hindi. Celebrate National River Day with National River Day slogans 2024. These beautiful river quotes make a fantastic share with everyone.

Short River Day Slogans in English

We must join hands and save our rivers. Happy River Day.

Rivers are our lives and we must save them.

Saving rivers is saving our most important resource.

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Rivers need our help and we must save them.

Saving rivers is saving our own lives.

Humans cannot think of surviving without rivers. Save them.

We are already late in saving rivers.

Until it gets late, let us save rivers.

Let us stop the pollution, let us save the rivers.

Save the rivers and you will save a lot.

Slogan on River in English

Love the rivers and save the rivers.

Saving rivers is our responsibility.

Be responsible towards rivers, save them.

Stop and clean the rivers and save them.

Rivers are precious and we must save them.

If we don’t save the rivers, we die.

Join hands and save rivers.

It’s an alarming situation. Save rivers.

Our rivers are dying and we must save them.

Saving rivers should be out topmost priority.

Beautiful River Quotes and Sayings

Rivers are the lifelines. Save them.

Save rivers and you are going to save our future.

Don’t let the rivers die, save them before its late.

Let us revive the beauty of the rivers by cleaning them.

We just need to clean the rivers to save them.

Saving the rivers is the right thing to do.

Rivers are the gift to us from Almighty.

Rivers are the most precious gift of nature.

We cannot imagine our lives without rivers.

Let us cheer for rivers. Let us save rivers.

Best Slogans on Save River

Rivers need our attention. Save rivers.

Don’t be late in saving the rivers.

Our rivers are dying and we must save them.

Saving rivers is like saving the flora, fauna and ourselves.

Let the rivers breather again. Clean them and save them.

Rivers are in need of help. Save them.

Rivers need to be saved and we must act.

Save the rivers before it gets too late.

Save the rivers now or else repent later.

Let us come together and clean rivers to save them.

Slogan on River in Hindi

Nadiyon ko bachana humara uddeshya hona chahiye.

Nadiyan nahi toh ye Jeevan nahi.

Nadiyon ko saaf karke dein unko naya Jeevan.

Nadiyan humari Jeevan dhara hain.

Saath milkar bachaiye humari nadiyon ko.

Hum bhool gaye ki nadiyon ko bachana humari zimmedari hai.

Nadiyon ko bachana Jeevan ko bachana hai.

Hum sab ko saath mein nadiyon ko bachane ka kaam karna chahiye.

Nadiyan humara Jeevan hai aur humein unhein bachana chahiye.

Nadi ko bacha kar hum dharti ko bacha sakte hain.

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