World Rivers Day Greeting Messages, Slogans and Quotes

World Rivers Day Greeting Messages, Slogans, Quotes

Last Sunday in the month of September is celebrated as World Rivers Day. This special day celebrates the rivers and highlights the importance of rivers. The idea is to create more and more awareness about rivers in order to save them. This is the day to share save river quotes and river sayings with your family, friends and acquaintances. Send them beautiful river quotes and World River Day messages.

With the latest collection of World Rivers Day greetings messages, Status, Rivers Slogans and save river quotes, you can share the best of river sayings with all. You can even have the newest river status for WhatsApp and Facebook.

World Rivers Day Greeting Messages, Rivers Day Wishes, Whatsapp Status

“God created rivers to give humans life and they are to be saved, they are to looked after…. Warm wishes on World Rivers Day.”

“The occasion of World Rivers Day is a reminder that the onus of saving rivers lies on us and we must fulfil our responsibility…. Happy World Rivers Day.”

“Warm wishes on World Rivers Day to you…. Rivers are our present and they are also our future…. Save them before its too late.”

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“Rivers are the lifelines for all of us as they give us life, they give us a reason to live and they must be protected…. Wishing a very Happy World Rivers Day.”

“Even the whole of ocean cannot do which one river can…. Rivers need to be saved and protected for a better life…. Happy World Rivers Day.”

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Beautiful River Quotes and River Sayings

“River is pure magic…. It has the power to give life, the power to nurture and the power to help everyone flourish…. Happy World Rivers Day.”

“River is like a treasure given to us by God…. We must work together to protect this treasure which is the reason for our existence.”

“The beautiful occasion of World Rivers Day will come every year to remind us that we must save our rivers because they give us life.”

“Rivers are the ones which make civilizations happen, they are the ones which nourish and nurture…. Worship them, respect them and save them!!!”

“Smallest of the gesture to save rivers can bring about a big change….. Let us save the beautiful rivers for a beautiful tomorrow!!!”

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Slogans on Save River

“Rivers are the lifelines for us, save them!!!”

“Save river to save mankind, to save life.”

“Without rivers, we cannot survive in this world.”

“Rivers give us life, they help us prosper and flourish.”

“Without rivers, the life on earth is not possible for humans.”

“Rivers inspire us and we must save them.”

“Rivers need our help and we must help them now.”

“Saving rivers is the most important thing to do.”

“A step to save rivers today can save our tomorrow.”

“Rivers are life and we must save this life!!!”

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