Break up Status Messages for Friends

Break up Status Messages for Friends

Break up status messages for friends are status messages uploaded on social networking site Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites where millions of users have their account and they make friends on the social site. The best break up status messages are written for everyone with whom the user wishes to break the friendship bond with.

These messages are shared with friends on social networking sites. Some of the best breakup status messages are given below.

1). Our Friendship did not last forever. This is the way how it meant to be. My friends list contains only those whom I trust a lot. I m deleting you from my list without any regret.

2). Dear XYZ, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. So I am deleting you from my friend’s list as you no longer deserve to be my friend.

3). I have known you for years and now you have shown your true colors. You don’t deserve to be my friend. I am happy that our friendship is over now.

4). Hey friend!! It was nice to have a friend like you but I think our friendship was supposed to be till here. Goodbye!!

5). We both met as strangers and then became the best of friends. And now its time to say goodbye to you and you know the reason why. I will always remember our friendship forever.

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